Star Jones Novel Satan’s Sisters Becomes a TV Show

Star Jones Novel Satan’s Sisters Becomes a TV Show

The dishy book centering around daytime TV hosts will have its own moment on the silver screen.

Published October 28, 2011

Star Jones’s juicy novel Satan’s Sisters — a fictional tale loosely based on her tenure as co-host  of ABC talk show The View — is making its own TV debut.


The lawyer-turned-entertainer broke the news to Wendy Williams that there are plans to turn the book into a TV show. "I can't tell you any more yet,” Star said, “but it's a done deal."


The book revolves around four women on daytime TV and is loaded with drama about their lives at work and otherwise. “There’s no question… Satan’s Sisters is based, in part, on someone I’ve either worked with, worked for, interviewed, was interviewed by or prosecuted, no question,” Star told Access Hollywood when she was promoting the project earlier this year.


Some of characters in the tale bear striking similarities to the women she previously worked with for nine years on The View, right on down to their “grand dame” lead host who sounds a lot like Barbara Walters (though the character is Black in the story), but Star has insisted that she didn’t spill any of her former co-workers real-life secrets.


There are no details on what network the show might appear on, what the name of it will be or when it’s set to launch but there may be an actress for one of the characters. "By the way, you know I'm acting now," Wendy hinted after Star spilled the news. "There might be a role," Star responded in a sing-song voice.  

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Written by Nakisha Williams


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