Nia long | Beauty Exclusive | Style

Nia long | Beauty Exclusive | Style

Published January 4, 2010

There’s something to be said about a woman who rocks short hair so confidently, it makes you want to run toward a pair of scissors. With envious eyes, we’ve watched Nia Long strut across our screens displaying a beauty that’s stunning, classic and real. Like her good friends Gabrielle Union and Sanaa Lathan, Long’s girl-next-door persona sparkles on and off-screen. Those warm eyes and her infectious laugh will forever make her a relatable woman that we can’t help but love.

Eager to retrieve the magic potion that keeps Nia beautiful, we bombarded her with a labored list of beauty questions. She revealed that the secret to her beauty is a little less about magic, and a little more about wise product purchases and smart dieting. Figures, huh?


Who styles your hair?

Nia Long: Now that my hair is short again, I either go to Daniel or Neeko at Salon Sessions Studio. I think there’s pressure in Hollywood to have this long, flowing hair. You want to set yourself apart from the seven or eight working actresses that are out there. We’re all so different and all very beautiful, and we should embrace our individuality.

People are really excited that your hair is short again!

Nia Long: The short hair is kind of the thing that everybody knows about Nia Long and likes about Nia Long. I think it’s kind of my signature, I guess. It’s weird too, because the minute I cut my hair, people were following me around saying, ‘Oh my God, I love your movies, I love your work.’ It was almost like they could see my face again. That was interesting. It was an impactful moment to have the short hair again.


For the mommies…tell us your secret to getting rid of stretch marks.

Nia Long: Let me say something about stretch marks. I prayed. I did rain dances. I said ‘Lord, I know I am being vain, but please don’t let me get stretch marks.’ That was the one thing that I was really afraid of. I was thinking, ‘What if I have to do a movie and I have to wear a bikini?’


No stretch marks? That’s awesome. Can you recommend any products to the less fortunate?

Nia Long: One of the things that really helps with skin is high doses of Vitamin C, amino acids and fatty fish oils (Omega 3). They hydrate you from the inside. Stretch marks can be defined as expanded skin that’s very dry. If you have thick skin, tough skin, or dry skin, you’re probably more prone to getting stretch marks.


Your physique has always been amazing. Is there anything that you stay away from diet-wise?

Nia Long: For Black people, it’s really important that they eliminate sugar and anything “white” from their diet. We have that history of sugar diabetes and anything carb-related turns into sugar. The best thing to do to really have a balanced diet is to try to eliminate it. Rather than eat it every day, eat it once a week.


What do you do to maintain your physical as well as emotional balance?

Nia Long: I would advise people to take some time to just do nothing! We live in a world where people are constantly moving around and trying to meet demands. Sometimes you need to just sit quietly, because I believe when you are quiet, God tries to speak to you. When you do too much, He can’t get your attention. Allow yourself to just physically melt into wherever you are.


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Written by Kimberly Walker


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