Weave Care: Get Kelly Rowland's Long Locks

Weave Care: Get Kelly Rowland's Long Locks

Stylist Tippi Shorter schools us on proper weave maintenance.

Published September 27, 2011

(Photo: Anthony Harvey/PictureGroup)

Good weaves are hard to find, but Kelly Rowland has it mastered. Her long locks are never too big, too colorful or laughably phony. As she bounces between short tresses and her now signature long mane, we thought about proper weave maintenance for our BET beauties with similar styles. Celeb stylist Tippi Shorter, the hands behind Alicia Keys's mane, gives us some easy hair-care tips for wearing “personality pieces.”

First, understand what works best for African-American hair textures and patterns. “Indian and Malaysian hair works well with thick, curly and wavy hair. For kinky textures, you should go to a custom-blend place and have your texture matched,” she says, adding, “If you use packaged hair, you will only get one use out of it, so use little to no products in the hair. Packaged hair doesn’t do well after it’s been shampooed. Indian, Malaysian or Brazilian hair tangles less and lasts for a few applications with little product use.”

To achieve Kelly’s look, you can use the fusion or sewing method. Fusion refers to tiny extensions placed near the root. “Fusion works well for thin, fine hair if you want length and fullness,” explains Shorter. “Sewn-ins works well for thick, long hair. They both last about the same length of time.”

The stylist also advises keeping a stash of her favorite weave care goodies. “I really like Pantene Relaxed and Natural shampoo and conditioner for weaves. It’s thick enough to really penetrate and soften the extensions. The Ojon Daily Intensive Shine Treatment and the Ojon Glossing Mist work well also.”

Written by Kimberly Walker


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