Sly Stone's Band Offers Help

Sly Stone's Band Offers Help

The funk legend found living in a van, gets support from former band mates.

Published September 28, 2011

Fans weren't the only ones shocked when it was reported this week that 68-year-old music legend Sly Stone is broke, homeless and living in a van in LA -- his band members were taken aback as well, and now they want to help. 


In an interview with TMZ, Greg Errico, the original drummer for Sly and the Family Stone, says the funk legend should return to the group and make music again.


"He knows if he ever wants to make music with us again, the door is always open,” Errico said. The drummer said he hasn't spoken with Sly since the band reunited for a 2010 show at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in California.


Sly's drug addiction is partially to blame for his current dire straights, and Errico thinks the clean and sober band members would be a positive influence. 


The New York Post reported on Wednesday that Sly is currently residing in a white camper in Crenshaw, where a retired couple has been taking care of him.

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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