Tupac Sex Tape Music Gets $1 Million Offer

Tupac Sex Tape Music Gets $1 Million Offer

The soundtrack is wanted for a beverage theme song.

Published October 9, 2011

Since word hit the Web about a Tupac sex tape, his mom, Afeni Shakur, threatened to sue anyone who releases it. Money B from Digital Underground has come forward to defend his position saying he and Pac always shot sex videos and folks have offered up to $150,000 for the right to own it.


Now TMZ reports the CEO of NOHO “the hangover defense” drink is offering $1 million just for the soundtrack. By soundtrack, they mean the music playing in the background of the salacious video.


While no one’s clear on who owns the rights to the music, TMZ says the CEO wants the music to be the company’s official theme song.

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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