Azealia Banks Responds to Criticism From GLAAD

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks Responds to Criticism From GLAAD

The feisty rapper comes under fire for using the (other) F word.

Published January 8, 2013

Some Azealia Banks fans in the LGBT community aren't giving the rising rap star a pass after she dropped a certain F word in a recent online exchange with the blogger Perez Hilton.

“lol what a messy fa**ot you are," Banks said in a — seemingly — playful spat with Hilton, who is openly gay, on Friday. After receiving immediate backlash from her followers, Banks, who is openly bisexual, attempted to clarify the remarks.

"A fa**ot is not a homosexual male. A fa**ot is any male who acts like a female. There's a BIG difference," she wrote, later apologizing to those who may have been offended.

But the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation isn't buying that argument. The organization put out a statement over the weekend denouncing the use of the slur unequivocally.

“Banks’ claim that the word 'fa**ot' doesn’t mean a gay male is not true,” the statement read. “Regardless of her intent or her personal definition, what matters is the meaning given to that word by those who hear it, and the damage it causes when they do.

"Undoubtedly there are gay kids who follow her on Twitter who hear this word in an entirely different context," it continued. "This word is used almost universally by bullies, often as part of a larger verbal or physical assault. This word hurts those kids, no matter what Banks meant by it."

Responding to GLAAD's statement on Twitter, Banks seemed mostly unmoved.

"Glaad and all these others need to give it a break... Picking and choosing when to be offended..... Pffffft, as f---ing if," she wrote. "I've never gotten this much attention for saying n---er."

Later, Banks did admit that she "feel[s] bad" for using using the F word. is your #1 source for Black celebrity news, photos, exclusive videos and all the latest in the world of hip hop and R&B music.


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(Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for HTC)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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