The MAC Model Behind 'Those Lips' Has the Perfect Response to Haters

The MAC Model Behind 'Those Lips' Has the Perfect Response to Haters

She's #SorryNotSorry and we love it.

Published February 22, 2016

You may not know who Aamito Lagum is, but by now you certainly know her lips. The runway model and Africa's Next Top Model winner found herself in the hot seat last week after MAC Cosmetics posted a picture of her lips to promote their lipstick. The Ugandan model quickly found herself attacked by racist Internet trolls, who had a lot of negative things to say.

Proving that there are far more good people on the Internet than bad, the racist comments were just as swiftly met with a barrage of positive support for Lagum, her lips, Black beauty, self-love and zero tolerance for bigotry. Now, after letting both sides share their views, Lagum has finally weighed in on the controversy herself, and we have to give her major props for her pitch perfect response:

"My lips giving you sleepless nights," Lagum wrote on a post sharing coverage of the story on the blog Black Girl With Long Hair. 

Hopefully this incident will propel Lagum's career to the next level, and she can continue to be a part of the movement to diversify Fashion Week runways, and the collective conscious of America, to include beautiful women of all colors and sizes.

(Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Mackage)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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