[Watch] Black Lives Matter Activist Protests Hillary Clinton From Five Feet Away

[Watch] Black Lives Matter Activist Protests Hillary Clinton From Five Feet Away

Things got very awkward for the Democratic candidate.

Published February 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton found herself in a very awkward situation on Wednesday at a private fundraiser in South Carolina. In the middle of a speech to the attendees, two Black Lives Matter activists interrupted the former Secretary of State to raise questions about her support of the notorious 1994 Crime Bill, which expanded the prison system and imposed more severe sentences on criminals.

In a video of the protest, a young activist named Ashley Williams steps in front of Clinton and raises a banner that reads “We have to bring them to heel,” quoting Clinton's offensive statement from '94. Clinton is seen trying to read the banner before realizing what it said:

“I’m not a super predator, Hillary Clinton,” the young woman said after the very awkward exchange, referencing a speech Clinton made when she was first lady. “Will you apologize to Black people for mass incarceration?”

Williams told the Huffington Post that she and her fellow Black Lives Matter colleague, presumably the one behind the camera, donated $500 to the Clinton campaign to attend the event and was removed by Secret Service agents following her short protest.

Unfortunately, this is not a good look for Clinton as she attempts to court the Black youth vote. The Crime Bill and her statements about crime represent a big reason why many in the Black community struggle to rally behind the Democratic frontrunner.

Recently, Hillary Clinton and her opponent Bernie Sanders sat down with BET to discuss the issues that matter most the Black Americans. Watch below to see what they had to say:

(Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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