Look: This Homeless Teen May Not Receive the Money Raised to Help Him

Look: This Homeless Teen May Not Receive the Money Raised to Help Him

Here's why the white woman who created his GoFundMe page is now questioning him.

Published July 29, 2016

Fred Barley is the 19-year-old who gained national attention when he rode his bike for six hours and slept in a tent on his college campus before the dorms opened. After his story went public, a woman named Casey Blaney set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for supplies and expenses for Barley. 

But now, Blaney has questions about Fred's past and has caused GoFundMe to freeze the young man's account which holds $184,000 until Blaney's allegations are investigated.

This all started when Blaney suggested to Barley that he put the money raised into a trust, and Barley claimed that he would only do so if he could choose the attorney and trustee. Since this disagreement over how Barley's funds should be managed, Blaney took to Facebook and revealed that she is looking into some discrepancies with Barley’s story.

“Unfortunately, multiple questions have been raised about Fred’s story,” she wrote. “We’ve received conflicting information about his initial story… We just want to do the right thing, and we’ve asked the campaign to be reviewed.”

Although Barley hasn’t commented to any media outlets about these allegations, he posted a detailed message on his Facebook page.

“I've had so many people attack my intelligence, my life, my character, and even more important, my integrity. I have not lied to any of you, nor will I,” he wrote. “Whatever transpires between Casey and I, I want her to still know that I love her and forgive her.”

No statement has been given on the exact details of the discrepancies Blaney alleges she found with the young man's story, but GoFundMe is looking into the matter. A GoFundMe spokesman, Bobby Whithorne, said that “the funds raised are placed on hold and cannot be withdrawn until all the questions have been answered.… If they are not, we will refund the donors.”  

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Sabine Scheckel/Getty Images)


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