Watch: Fires and Protests Erupt In Milwaukee After Yet Another Police Shooting

Watch: Fires and Protests Erupt In Milwaukee After Yet Another Police Shooting

Here's how an armed man was shot dead in the street.

Published August 14, 2016

Angry protests, including several fires, have erupted in Milwaukee, Wisconson after another police shooting of a citizen in broad daylight. The incident appears to be the tipping point in a community where systemic racism and police brutality have been rampant for decades.

According to the New York Times, crowds took to the streets on Saturday night to throw rocks and confront police. Others started fires: one, at a gas station, burned while protesters fired gunshots at firefighters to keep them from extinguishing it, while others burned at an auto-parts store, a beauty supply company and a bank branch. One police officer was hospitalized with a head injury after a brick was thrown through the window of his patrol car, Mayor Tom Barrett said at a news conference early Sunday morning.

The violence erupted after a man, who the police said was armed with a semiautomatic handgun, fled after a traffic stop and was killed by a cop. A second man, who was in the car, fled in a different direction. Neither the race of the man shot and killed nor the officer’s was immediately released, nor were they identified. The supposed "gunman," who did not fire his gun but ignored the cop's command to drop it as he fled, was shot as he ran away and died at the scene. The cop has been placed on administratlive leave pending a full investigation.

It is worth noting that Wisconson is an open carry state, and while the victim's gun was later found it have been obtained illegally during a burglary, there was no way for the officer who killed him to know that at the time.

Mayor Barrett and the Milwaukee PD are working to restore calm in the city. “Parents, get your kids home,” he said at the news conference. Barrett said that the officer was wearing a body camera and that the investigation into the shooting would be conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, because the case involved a police officer.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: AP Photo/Gretchen Ehlke)


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