Watch: Why Is Hillary Clinton Being Awkwardly Sung to About Police Brutality by Mary J. Blige?

Watch: Why Is Hillary Clinton Being Awkwardly Sung to About Police Brutality by Mary J. Blige?

The teaser for Apple Music's "The 411" has people on Twitter very confused.

Published September 27, 2016

Last night after the Donald Trump eruption also known as the presidential debate, Apple Music released a teaser for their upcoming program The 411. The clip features Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton sitting down for what looks like an incredible interview. And then Blige started singing at Clinton about police brutality…

In a second teaser, Blige asks Clinton about racism that exists in the executive and legislative branches of politics, which seems more on track, but still ends with Blige singing.

This may have started as a decent idea for Clinton to address large problems facing the Black community; however, it appears that this will be poorly executed. As Blige sings instructions for Black men to follow when they are pulled over by the police, Clinton nods in agreement or empathy or maybe she just nods because she really has no idea how to respond to an R&B icon sitting six inches from her face and singing about police killings.

The actual one-on-one musical interview may provide a solid opportunity for Clinton to unpack national systemic racism without appearing that she is pandering. However, addressing police brutality by means of an a capella song may not be the best way to go about tackling the issue.

The clip aired last night after the debate and was posted online. Twitter users were taken aback, to say the very least. 

The 411 is set to premiere on September 30 on Apple Music. Here’s hoping the singing that occurs in the teaser is the only time it happens. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos from left: Michael Becker/FOX via Getty Images, Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


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