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Megan Thee Stallion Talks ‘WAP’ with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

The Houston star sat down with the Clinton’s for their new show, ‘Gutsy’.

Timothy Dean ID’d As 2nd Man Found Dead In California Home Of Ed Buck

Protests have formed outside Ed Buck's apartment.

Michelle Obama Beats Out Hillary Clinton For Most Admired Woman Title

While Barack remains the most admired man for the 11th year.

Donald Who? Hillary Played No Games And Straight Up Ignored Trump’s Arrival To Bush’s Funeral

She didn't even throw a pitty side-eye.

Keep That Same ‘Lock Her Up’ Energy: Ivanka Trump Caught Using Personal Email For Government Work

She says she didn't know it was against federal rules.

Twitter Slammed After They Failed To React When Black Political Analyst Reported 'MAGAbomber' Weeks Ago

He would go on to mail bombs to Barack Obama and more.

Explosives Addressed To Senator Cory Booker In Florida And CNN In New York

One was also sent to James Clapper via the CNN offices.

Quincy Jones Is Flipping The Internet Upside-Down With These Comments On Michael Jackson

He's exposing some of the deepest, darkest secrets.
Zendaya/Jesse Williams

#NeverForget: A Look Back At Celebs' Horrified Reactions On The Day Trump Was Elected President

Jesse, Zendaya, Snoop, Charlamagne and more.

Obama's Charlottesville Tweet Just Became The Most-Liked In Twitter History

The well-worded message received nearly 4 million likes.