WATCH: Video Surfaces Of Donald Trump Cussing Out An Employee

AYR, SCOTLAND - JUNE 24:  Presumptive Republican nominee for US president Donald Trump gives a press conference on the 9th tee at his Trump Turnberry Resort on June 24, 2016 in Ayr, Scotland. Mr Trump arrived to officially open his golf resort which has undergone an eight month refurbishment as part of an investment thought to be worth in the region of two hundred million pounds.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

WATCH: Video Surfaces Of Donald Trump Cussing Out An Employee

He also bragged about kicking someone out of their home.

Published November 27, 2016

Hopefully Donald Trump doesn’t run the country like he runs his golf courses.

Buzzfeed recently uncovered video segments from the president-elect’s short-lived "Donald Trump’s Fabulous World Of Golf" show with The Golf Channel. Among the clips, Trump’s seen and heard belittling his employees, including Paul O’Connor who was a landscaper Donald hired.

He tells O’Connor that he’s driving the rest of his team “f***ing crazy” and condescendingly says, “I don’t know what the f**k the problem is.” He also told a member of staff to “use [his] f*****g brain” or he’d be fired.

Another clip shows Trump boasting about how he was going to “get rid” of a house that overlooked one of his courses. “Sarah, I want to get rid of that house,” he says, who is then advised that doing so could “create a bit of a stir.” “Who cares? Who cares? You know what, who cares, it’s our property, we can do what we want,” Trump replies. “We’re trying to build the greatest course in the world, this house is ugly.”

The Golf Channel refused to release these clips before the election happened. Oh, and The Donald is also seen stuffing money into the pocket of a worker for his “growth.” Whatever that means.

Check out some of the clips containing Donald Trump’s condescending behavior below. Buzzfeed has an exclusive embed of all of Trump’s expletives here. Also below is a 2011 documentary called "Fighting Trump," which details the battle between a homeowner and Trump, who tried to displace him.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)


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