Woman Sent Her Boyfriend Heartless 'When Are You Going to Do It?' Texts Before He Committed Suicide

Woman Sent Her Boyfriend Heartless 'When Are You Going to Do It?' Texts Before He Committed Suicide

Recently released video of Conrad Roy talking about gaining self-pride makes his death even more tragic.

Published June 9, 2017

In the Massachusetts trial for Michelle Carter — who is charged with homicide for pressuring her boyfriend to kill himself — text messages revealed the 20-year-old would repeatedly ask “when are you going to do it?” in reference to suicide. 

  1. In 2014, Conrad Roy took his own life by inhaling carbon monoxide from a water pump in his truck. However, after investigating his death, authorities believed Carter tried to persuade Roy to take his own life in order to elicit sympathy from her friends.

    Carter, who was 17 at the time, would send Roy text messages where she would ask him when he was going to take his own life.

    On Thursday, prosecutors called Sgt. Michael Bates to testify the examined text messages sent between Carter and Roy.

    In the conversations, Carter asked Roy when he was going to kill himself more than 40 times, said prosecutors.  

  2. In the texts, Carter would constantly remind Roy of his 'promise' to take his own life

    Other texts from the July 2014 texts were:

    Carter: "Well are you gonna do it tonight or not?" 
    Roy: "Yeah." 
    Carter: "Well, it's getting late. Let me know when. I don't want to fall asleep. You have to do it soon though if you don't want anyone to find you in the morning."

    Carter: "Are you gonna do it tonight?
    Roy: "I'm gonna try."
    Carter: "How hard are you gonna try?"
    Roy: "Hard."

    Roy: "How was ur day?"
    Carter: "When are you doing it?" 

    Roy: "What if the suffocation doesn't work?"
    Carter: "Well how bad do you want it? Because if you want it bad, you should succeed."

    Carter: "I thought you really wanted to die but apparently you don't. I feel played and just stupid." 

    Carter: "I still don’t think ur gonna do this so you have to prove me wrong." 

    Carter: "I'm tired of you not taking this seriously, like if you aren't really gonna do it then stop pretending that you are."

    Carter: "Hang yourself, jump off a building, stab yourself. IDK there's lots of ways."

  3. At the same time he received texts from Carter, Roy shared a personal video wherein he discussed how he was trying to develop a sense of 'self-pride'

    "I have a lot going for me," the 18-year-old said in the video that was recorded in June of 2014. "I just have to get the cobwebs out.

    "Yes I can develop as a person. Be more fluent, articulate, passionate about who I am. Or I can just go home, sit in my basement, and just do nothing about it. Just sit in my sorrows, weep and cry over something that is in the past.

    "Or I can just take it day-by-day, step-by-step. I mean it's going to be difficult to accomplish, but I need to, for personal growth, accomplish this sense of self-pride in myself. Because depression or social anxiety, it means you don’t like yourself. The sooner I like myself, the better I’m going to be."

    The video was entered into evidence at the Taunton District Court.

    Carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter and could get up to 20 years in prison if a judge finds her guilty.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Masslive via Youtube)


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