Woman Murders Husband For Life Insurance Then Finds Out It's Still In His Ex- Wife's Name

Woman Murders Husband For Life Insurance Then Finds Out It's Still In His Ex- Wife's Name

Uloma Curry-Walker is facing life in prison for killing William Walker.

Published July 9, 2017

A newlywed woman is accused of soliciting her husband’s murder in order to collect $100,000 in life insurance has been convicted of aggravated murder.

45-year-old Uloma Curry-Walker is facing life in prison without the possibility of parole for the November 2013 killing of firefighter William Walker, whom she had married just months earlier. What makes this crime even more senseless is that Curry-Walker didn’t understand that Walker’s ex-wife was still the beneficiary of his policy.

According to Cleveland.com, prosecutors claim the woman was nearing financial ruin after running up tens of thousands of dollars in debt. That’s when she asked her 17-year-old daughter and daughter’s boyfriend to find someone to kill her husband.

Problem for her and her plan was that William Walker had not yet changed the beneficiary on the insurance policy from his ex-wife’s name to his then-current wife. His ex-wife was paid out the money.

Testimony at the trial revealed that Curry-Walker gave the boyfriend, Chad Padgett, $1,000 as a down payment to execute the murder. Padgett contacted his cousin Chris Hein, who initially failed to kill Walker. Hein then asked Ryan Dorty to make the hit. Prosecutors claim Dorty shot Walker four times as he returned home from getting fast food Curry-Walked had asked him to procure.

The three co-conspirators testified against Curry-Walker as part of a plea agreement. Hein was sentenced to 18 years to life; Padgett 28 years to life; and Dorty 23 years to life. Curry-Walker’s daughter was not hit with adult charges for the crime. She instead was ordered to spend a month in a juvenile detention center.

Sentencing for Uloma Curry-Walker is scheduled for August 8.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's office, William Walker)


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