Outraged Mom Says Viral Video Of Her Toddler Terrified Of Easter Bunny Was Taken Without Permission

A photo of the Easter Bunny running by on his way to hide eggs.  Photo taken while panning to enhance action.

Outraged Mom Says Viral Video Of Her Toddler Terrified Of Easter Bunny Was Taken Without Permission

Some feel Cassandra Bryson had a right to be upset with the daycare while others think she's adding fuel to the fire.

Published April 6, 2018

During Easter weekend, you may have seen a viral video of a Black 2-year-old girl screaming in terror when the Easter Bunny enters her daycare. Although the video was joked about on many news outlets, and even made its way to Jimmy Kimmel Live, the mother of the child says someone Snapchatted the video without her consent. 

Cassandra Bryson, whose daughter attends the Around the World Learning Center in Kissimmee, Florida, told WESH-2 an employee of the facility took the video even though she signed an authorization form which denied permission for her child to recorded or photographed without her consent.

"It should be an eye-opener. This is not funny. My child is hurt," Cassandra Bryson told the local news station.

Once the video was posted to Snapchat, it was re-shared on several platforms and became widely recognized. Eventually the video became so popular, it appeared on late night talk shows.

  1. "The world now knows my daughter as the screaming African-American baby, and it's become a racial issue online. It has gone to places that I couldn't have even imagined," Bryson told WESH-2.

    Bryson said although the video may seem funny, it's exploiting her daughter in a moment of terror.

    "I'm just hurt because you can see the distress in her face, and it's bringing millions of people so much joy and laughter," Bryson added.


  2. Bryson has taken her story to several outlets including the Today Show, which she gave permission to use the video
  3. Other parents support Bryson and agreed the daycare was wrong for sharing the video
  4. However, some felt it was counterproductive for Bryson give the video more views by taking her story public

    The daycare owner is reportedly gathering information about the video and has not yet made any comments.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: lisafx/Getty Images)


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