Analysis: DeSantis Joins Presidential Race With Aim To Bring Anti-Woke Agenda To Nation

Florida’s governor is a leader among conservatives at promoting a far-right policy agenda.

Martin Luther King’s Daughter Bernice King Responds To Sen. Ted Cruz's Criticism Of NAACP Florida Advisory

The civil rights organization warns that Florida has become ‘hostile’ toward Black people.

The NAACP Is Warning Against Traveling To Florida, And Wants You To Understand Why

The state is ‘hostile’ toward people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals, the organization says.

Texas Could Follow Florida In Banning Diversity Classes In Education

: The legislation would close DEI offices at colleges across the state and prohibits diversity training on campuses.

Judge Makes Ruling On Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend And The Non-Disclosure Agreement Between Them

A Florida judge described the sexual harassment allegations that Erica Herman levied at Woods as ‘vague and threadbare.’

Feds Drop Charges Against Andrew Gillum After Florida Mistrial

The former Democratic gubernatorial candidate was facing 18 charges of fraud, but jurors could not agree on a verdict.

Could Grant Hill And Dwyane Wade Be Running For U.S. Senate In Florida?

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What You Need To Know About Florida’s New Voting Law And The Potential Damage To Black Voters

The controversial law, SB 7050, goes into effect on July 1, 2023, but it has the potential to disenfranchise millions of voters.

Florida Approves School Textbooks After Racial References Are Removed

Passages mentioning Black Lives Matter and George Floyd were taken out of the textbooks.

Jury Finds Andrew Gillum Not Guilty Of Lying To Investigators, Deadlocks On Other Charges

The Florida Democrat who almost defeated Gov. Ron DeSantis was accused of corruption.