White Teen Says 'If I Was Black I'd Be Picking Cotton But I'm White So I'm Picking U' In Promposal

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White Teen Says 'If I Was Black I'd Be Picking Cotton But I'm White So I'm Picking U' In Promposal

Although Noah Crowley apologized after much backlash, many said he can keep it.

Published April 24, 2018

A white high school student of Sarasota County, Florida, is under fire after a photo of his racist “promposal” went viral.

18-year-old Noah Crowley, who attends Riverview High School, was asking his girlfriend to prom by sending a photo of a sign and sending it to her on Snapchat.

The sign, read: “If I was black, I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white, so I’m picking u 4 prom.”

Although Crowley’s girlfriend responded to the racist sign with many heart-eye emojis, people who saw the image on Twitter found it everything but romantic.

  1. Photos of Crowley's promposal quickly went viral
  2. The teen was called out for being so out of touch with racism he thought this would be a cute idea

    On Monday, a recorded message was sent to Riverview parents that said:

    ″[The post] was racial in nature and administration became aware of it last night,” said Riverview acting principal Kathy Wilks in a call to parents Monday morning. “Many who saw the post are understandably upset with its contents as well as the subsequent commentary to the post. Riverview High School absolutely does not condone or support the message conveyed in this post.”

    She added: “We are focused on ensuring that Riverview High School provides a safe and secure environment for all of our students and that all students feel welcome and understand the value that they all bring to our school community. Our guidance counselors and administrators are available for any student who wish to speak to someone regarding the issue. Riverview High School has a wonderful student population and we know our school will use this incident as an opportunity to have productive conversations about respect for one another.”

  3. Eventually, Crowley offered an apology


    According to Huff Post, Crowley made a post on social media and said he didn't mean to offend anyone.

    ″Anyone who knows me ... knows that that’s not how we truly feel,” he said, according to local station WTSP. “It was a completely [sic] joke and it went too far.

    “After reading the texts and Snapchat’s, I truly see how I have offended people and I’m sorry.”


  4. However, many people think Crowley should keep his whole damn apology

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: AlenaZamotaeva/Getty Images)


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