Oblivious Trump Says He Could Campaign With Kanye In 2020 To Get More Black Votes

Oblivious Trump Says He Could Campaign With Kanye In 2020 To Get More Black Votes

How Sway?

Published October 11, 2018

President Trump and Kanye West might be more than two out-of-touch, celebrity, pals. 

In a conversation with the hosts of “Fox & Friends” on Thursday morning, Trump says he “could see” himself campaigning with West for his future re-election.

“Well, I could see it. I could see it,” the president said on.

Trump spoke with Fox just hours before West is scheduled to have lunch at the White House with the president and Jared Kushner. The Chicago rapper is also expected to be present for a closed-door signing of legislation that changes how music is licensed to streaming services, reported the Daily Mail.

In addition to a possible running mate, Trump believes West is helping him drum up support among Black voters.

“He's got a big following in the African American community,” the president claimed.

“He's been a terrific guy. He loves what we're doing for African-American jobs, for so many different things. Median incomes...is at all-time high. Poverty level at the best rate, meaning the lowest rate. And Kanye is a smart guy and he sees that,” the president told DailyMail.com.

During their discussion on Thursday, Trump and West are slated to discuss prison reform.

“You know what he wants? he's not asking for anything for himself,” the president said. “He's a private guy, and he wants to help people, and I think, maybe most, more than anything, is prison reform because his wife was terrific, Kim. She was the one who brought the attention to Mrs. [Alice] Johnson.”

Kanye will also discuss manufacturing jobs in Chicago and opportunities for ex-cons.

“Kanye West is coming to the White House to have lunch with President Trump and he will also meet with Jared Kushner,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in statement. “Topics of discussions will include manufacturing resurgence in America, prison reform, how to prevent gang violence, and what can be done to reduce violence in Chicago.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos from left: Scott Olson/Getty Images, Rosalind O'Connor/NBC/Getty Images)


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