White Woman With A ‘Concealed Weapon’ Caught On Video Threatening Black Women Waiting For AAA

White Woman With A ‘Concealed Weapon’ Caught On Video Threatening Black Women Waiting For AAA

The woman also told them to “f--- off” and accused them of not living at the apartment complex even after they said they did.

Published October 29th

A white woman in Charlotte, North Carolina, is facing criminal charges after video showed her threatening two Black women who were waiting for AAA in an apartment parking lot.

In the video, posted by one of the victims, the white woman approaches them unprovoked and begins calling them “b----” and asking, “Is your baby daddy here?”

The actual incident happened late at night on October 19, yet the video has only recently received widespread attention. In the clip, the two Black women can be heard saying, “you are harassing us,” when the white woman repeatedly asks, “Do you live here?”

Eventually, the two women walk away as one of them calls 911. Even from a distance the white woman can be heard yelling, “Do I need to bring out my concealed weapon, too? This is North Carolina by the way.”

Although a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department would not identify the woman, they did say she faces two counts of communicating threats and two counts of simple assault, reported the Charlotte Observer.

The incident began when the two Black women waiting for AAA car service outside of the apartment complex where one of them lives. The other woman in the video is a relative.

“I’m in front of my home,” the woman tells the 911 dispatcher, as heard in the video. “My car’s bad. I called AAA. This lady is bothering me in front of my door. Do you hear her?”

The white woman told the women to “F--k off” and accused them of not living there, even after she was told one of them lives there was just waiting on a car service.

“It’s so upsetting to know that today we have overt racism still going on in 2018,” one of the women said, according to a video of their interview posted on a WCCB’s reporter’s Twitter.

The two women called it a “racially motivated attack.”

In the Charlotte video, the woman is seen and heard yelling at the two Black women: “You’re hanging around a place you don’t belong - get out of here!”

“I’m hot, I’m beautiful, I’m white,” the woman says in the video. “This is Myers Park, South Park. What are you doing here?" 

A police incident report says the woman “physically assaulted” the victim. The report also says the woman made threats of “bodily injury” and the victim told police “that she believed the threat could be carried out.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: WCNC)


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