North Carolina

N.C. Sheriff Under Investigation For Racist Rant, ‘I’m Sick Of These Black B******s’ Caught In Recording

The state NAACP demands his resignation.

Democrat Cheri Beasley Tightening Senate Race Against Republican Ted Budd In North Carolina Poll

If elected, she would be the third Black woman elected to the U.S. Senate.

How Teen Baseball Phenom Justin Best Is Making His Field Of Dreams Become A Reality

The North Carolina native is a commit to Division I Florida State, but hopes to make the Majors one day.

Emmett Till Protesters In North Carolina Search For Carolyn Bryant Donham After Demanding 66-Year-Old Arrest Warrant Be Served

Till's supporters do not care if she is over 80– they want justice!

Supreme Court Will Hear North Carolina Case Next Term That Could Hinder Voting Rights Nationwide

The ruling could vastly diminish the authority of state courts to block discriminatory voting laws.

North Carolina Man Sentenced To Death For Killing His Teenage Daughter In Gruesome Murder Case

Prosecutors said Zaria Burgess, 15, was sexually tortured for 22 hours before her father took her life.

Dean of NCCU School Of Law Found Dead In Hotel Room

Browne C. Lewis was attending a conference.

William Peace University Considers Name Change Because Of Slave Owner Roots

A statue was already removed.

North Carolina City Denies NAACP Permit To March On One-Year Anniversary Of Andrew Brown Jr.’s Death

The 42-year-old was shot and killed by police.