Trump Attacks Black Reporters And Calls April Ryan A ‘Loser’ Who Doesn’t Know What She’s Doing

Trump Attacks Black Reporters And Calls April Ryan A ‘Loser’ Who Doesn’t Know What She’s Doing

The president also told another Black female journalist that she "asks a lot of stupid questions."

Published November 9, 2018

On Friday, Donald Trump continued his attack against Black female journalists by calling White House correspondent April Ryan a “loser” and insulting CNN's Abby Phillip.

Outside the White House, Trump stopped to take questions about the removal of Jeff Sessions and subsequent appointment of Matthew Whitaker, who is now the acting attorney general.

Because Whitaker has a history of attacking special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia collusion, many reporters probed the president about the situation.

“Do you want [Whitaker] to rein in Robert Mueller?” Phillip, who is Black, asked.

“What a stupid question that is,” Trump responded. “What a stupid question.”

“But I watch you a lot,” the president continued. “You ask a lot of stupid questions.”

The president also took the opportunity to go after CNN contributor April Ryan, who was aggressively told to “sit down” by the president during a press conference earlier in the week.

This time, Trump called Ryan “nasty” and a “loser who “doesn’t know what the hell she is doing.”

Additionally, Trump continued his one-man war on CNN’s Jim Acosta, who had his White House press credentials revoked after a fight over the mic during the aforementioned press conference.

“I think Jim Acosta is a very unprofessional man,” Trump said.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos from left: Mark Wilson/Getty Images, Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon )


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