Kim Porter’s Heartbreaking Death Sparks Debate On Who Needs The Flu Vaccine

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Kim Porter’s Heartbreaking Death Sparks Debate On Who Needs The Flu Vaccine

The model and actresses passed away on Thursday.

Published November 17, 2018

Kim Porter passed away on Thursday (November 15), and while no official cause of death has been ruled from the coroner’s office, the model/actress was reportedly battling pneumonia shortly before she died.

  1. Earlier, presented information about the flu and why you should get vaccinated, but it’s already been a conversation going on via social media ever since Porter possibly perished due to influenza.

    Many are shocked that Kim Porter, who was only 47, passed away so early, particularly since she was in such great physical shape. It’s had some on Twitter emphasizing the importance of getting vaccinated.

  2. The CDC recommends yearly flu vaccinations for everyone older than 6 months. Pregnant women, seniors and young children are particularly at risk, however college-aged people are the least vaccinated and more likely to spread the disease.

    Getting a flu shot does not lead to influenza, and while it doesn’t completely prevent those who are vaccinated from getting the illness, it greatly reduces their risk. It also make it much less severe if contracted.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Jerod Harris/WireImage


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