Two Men Have Been Charged For Shooting And Killing 7-Year-Old Jazmine Barnes

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Two Men Have Been Charged For Shooting And Killing 7-Year-Old Jazmine Barnes

Larry Woodruffe and Eric Black are facing capital murder charges.

Published January 6th

Two suspects have been identified and charged with the tragic shooting death of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes.

  1. 20-year-old Eric Black Jr. was arrested Saturday (January 5) during a traffic stop for not using his turn signal. He’s been accused of driving the car used in the drive by shooting.

    According to Harris County Houston Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Jazmine and her family were not actually the intended targets of the shooting.

    Jazmine Barnes was riding in a car with her mother and sisters on December 30 when a person in another vehicle shot her in the head.

    Black Has been charged with capital murder in Barnes’ death. He was identified as a suspect based on a tip. 24-year-old Larry Woodruffe has been identified as the other suspect and has also been charged with capital murder.

    “All evidence gathered so far in the Jazmine Barnes Homicide case supports investigators’ strong belief that she and her family were innocent victims,” the Houston Police Department tweeted Sunday.

    At first, many believed the suspect was a white man who was driving a truck. Activist Shaun King and civil rights lawyer Lee Merritt offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

    “The family is still really grateful that it seems law enforcement has identified the shooter,” Merritt told The Washington Post on Sunday. “However, all the information up until yesterday has been that the shooter was an older white male in a red truck, that came from not only one of the victims, 15-year-old Alexis, but from an eyewitness nearby.

    “We had at least four independent witnesses who believed the shooter in this situation was a white male,” he added. “To learn that it wasn’t, isn’t disappointing, but it is surprising.”

    RIP Jazmine. Hopefully justice will eventually be served.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images


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