Oklahoma Man Allegedly Shoots And Kills Daughter’s Black Boyfriend And His Cousin Upon First Meeting

Oklahoma Man Allegedly Shoots And Kills Daughter’s Black Boyfriend And His Cousin Upon First Meeting

The girl’s mother was also arrested after the double-murder.

Published October 30th

Written by Zayda Rivera

Two young men arrived at the home of one of their girlfriends to pick her up and go to the movies. They never made it out alive.

Manuel Quezada, 47, allegedly shot and killed Albert Thomas, 20, and Dajon Ross, 21, after they arrived at his home in a neighborhood just outside of Owasso, Oklahoma, Fox 23 reports

It’s unclear what led to the shooting, but family members of the victim say Thomas, who is Black, had been dating Quezada’s daughter for the past two years and hadn’t met her father, who is Hispanic, until the night of his death, according to Atlanta Black Star.

“He never met the dad until last night, and this man killed him in cold blood,” Aleta Thomas told News on 6 about her nephew, adding that Quezada “would always tell [his daughter] that he didn’t want her being around Black people.” 

Quezada was reportedly standing beside a car outside of the home with a handgun in his back pocket when the first deputy arrived at the scene on Tuesday (October 22) night. He was then detained and later arrested, according to Fox 23.  

The shooting happened before 10 p.m. in a quiet neighborhood near East 77th Street North and North 177th East Avenue, Fox 23 reports.

One of the men killed was reportedly dating Quezada’s daughter, although information about her has not been released.  

Ross was found shot and lying in the street while Thomas was suffering from a gunshot wound in the driver’s seat of the car. 

One of the men was shot in the chest and the other was shot in the head, although it’s unclear which one sustained which fatal wound, according to the Owasso Reporter.

Authorities say the two victims died overnight after being found wounded and taken to the hospital, Fox 23 reports. 

Investigators reported that several shots were fired after collecting evidence for over seven hours. 

Angelica Quezada, 45, Manuel’s wife, was also arrested, although deputies believe Manuel was the only shooter. 

He was booked into the Rogers County jail and is facing two charges of first-degree murder, and Mrs. Quezada is facing a charge of accessory to murder, Sheriff Scott Walton said, according to the Owasso Reporter. 


Walton told the Owasso Reporter that there was “obvious animosity” among the involved people, and the father disliked his daughter’s boyfriend, although it is unclear which man the daughter was dating. 

Walton also said that they’ve requested the help of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in solving the case. 

“They still have their family. We don’t,” Aleta Thomas said. “We have to bury a kid. We’ve got to bury two kids. They don’t deserve any of this.”

(Photo: Rogers County Sheriff's Office)


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