#ReclaimYourVote: 5 Steps To Vote

#ReclaimYourVote: 5 Steps To Vote

Accessible, clear, and action oriented steps to empower and increase awareness of our collective, Black voting power.

Published July 26th

The coronavirus pandemic presents a unique challenge to Black communities in the midst of a crucial election year. At the local, state, and federal levels, from presidents to judgeships, from voting rights to economic justice, critical roles and issues to the Black community are at stake and, as a result, we know that voter suppression efforts will be dramatically increased.  

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As part of the effort to demystify voting processes, BET wants to communicate 5 steps to voting that are accessible, clear, and oriented toward action:

  1. REGISTER: Sign up so you can show up

    Leveraging digital tools via vote.org, users can register to vote in their state.

  2. CHECK IT: Double check that your name is on the list

    One of the most common voter suppression tactics used against the Black community is the quiet and opaque purging of voter rolls for various reasons. Checking your registration regularly is as important as the registration process itself. Vote.org’s tools allow you to check your registration from anywhere in less than two minutes.

  3. MAKE A PLAN: Voting early? Absentee? By Mask? Know your plan

    Having a plan to vote is the best way to ensure you do. Your plan should include how you plan to vote, where you need to go, what you need to have so your vote counts, and who/what you plan to vote for during the election. Knowing the process and being educated about the candidates and ballot measures in your community are critical to being an engaged Black voter. Use Vote.org tools for early voting, absentee and other important dates and learn about cadidate issues via the Black Futures Lab and Color of Change.

  4. GET YOUR PEOPLE: Our votes are stronger together

    Personal outreach works when inspiring others to vote. Once you’ve made your plan, help your loved ones do the same. Share BET.com/ReclaimYourVote so they can get started in their 5 steps too. You can also sign up to be a squad capitan at whenweallvote.org.

  5. SHOW UP: However you're voting, make sure it counts

    And make sure you call in any voting irregularities in your area to the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-Our-Vote.

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