Florida Landscapers Handle Racist Karen Like Pros

Florida Landscapers Handle Racist Karen Like Pros

“Have blessed day ma’am!”

Published August 4th

Written by BET Staff

After a racist “Karen” lashed out with hateful racial slurs at a group of Black landscapers in Orlando, Florida they had the perfect response for her verbal attack. 

The rant was captured on video on Monday (August 2) as the white woman started screaming “You f***ing b**ch,” to the group of men a number of times. 

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Two of the landscapers then looks at the camera to say, “This is the type of shit we go through, man,” one says, with another saying, “We didn’t even do nothing. We out here working—it’s 94 degrees.”

“Have blessed day ma’am!”

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As the woman continues to scream at the workers using the more racial slurs including the n-word, another landscaper responds “I love you, God loves you. You’re going to pass out in the sun! You gotta go into your house!” 

A separate video reportedly shot by a neighbor shows that the Orlando woman was arrested.

(Photo Credit: Twitter via @Blac1st)


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