Protestors March In Los Angeles After Black Man Is Shot

BURBANK, CA MARCH 5, 2015 -- An investigation is underway in Burbank, where a car-theft suspect was shot and killed after colliding with a police car early Thursday morning, March 5, 2015. This is the second deadly LAPD officer-involved shooting in the last four days. The shooting occurred around 1:45 a.m. in a cul-de-sac near the intersection of National Avenue and North Pass Avenue after the suspect repeatedly rammed an LAPD patrol vehicle, LAPD Officer Lilliana Preciado said.  (Photo by Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Protestors March In Los Angeles After Black Man Is Shot

Dijon Kizzee was only 29 years old.

Published September 1st

Written by BET Staff

According to CBS Los Angeles, on August 31, 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee was stopped while riding his bicycle “for a vehicle code violation.” He  reportedly ran away and when deputies reached him, Kizee allegedly punched one of them in the face.

He allegedly dropped a bundle of clothes that were in his hands, which is when officers say they saw a black handgun on the ground. Deputies then opened fire. It’s not clear how many times Kizzee was shot or where, but police confirmed he died at the scene. No deputies were injured in the exchange.

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Lt. Brandon Dean said in a statement, “Our suspect was holding some items of clothing in his hands, punched one of the officers in the face and then dropped the items in his hands. The deputies noticed that inside the clothing items that he dropped was a black semiautomatic handgun, at which time a deputy-involved shooting occurred.”

Protestors are now taking to the streets of L.A., demanding answers for how and why Kizzee was killed. Black Lives Matter Los Angeles tweeted, “Los Angeles County Sheriffs killed a Black man…Dijon…on 109th and Budlong and left his body facedown in the dirt. We need all hands on deck.” Within hours, nearly 100 people arrived.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Juanita Navarro-Suarez says the shooting is under investigation.

See the  video below of the protest.

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(Photo by Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)


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