NYC Police Fraternity Blasts NYPD Union President’s Endorsement of Trump

NYC Police Fraternity Blasts NYPD Union President’s Endorsement of Trump

The Guardians Association said the endorsement undermines police objectivity

Published September 3rd

Written by Madison J. Gray

A fraternal organization made up of Black NYPD officers sent a stern response to New York City’s largest police union’s endorsement of President Trump’s re-election bid.

In a statement, the Guardians Association of the Police Department of the City of New York Inc, said that there was “no conferral” before New York’s Police Benevolent Association president Pat Lynch announced the endorsement.

“The Guardians Association is disappointed at the decision of the PBA to publicly endorse a presidential candidate and speak at the Republican National Convention,” the statement said. “We believe this action by the PBA undermines every police officer’s ability to remain neutral and nonpartisan in the eyes of the public.”

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While giving remarks during the Republican National Convention last week, Lynch openly endorsed Trump’s campaign, although he later admitted that he couldn’t remember when the union had endorsed a presidential candidate.

“Across this country, police officers are under attack. Our neighborhoods are being ripped apart by violence and lawlessness,” Lynch said in a statement released by Trump’s campaign.

The Guardians Association insisted that the issue is not about race in its statement, and criticized Lynch for taking the position he did at the RNC.

“President Lynch has been a force that the NYPD and City Hall have had to reckon with since 1999,” read the statement, which was unsigned. “He has served his membership well. He’s been described as being the most powerful police union chief in the world. He has been fearless in fighting for the rights of the PBA membership. However, his demonization of any political ideology other than that shared by him, Trump, and [former Mayor Rudolph] Giuliani takes residence in a dark place.”

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The group, headed by NYPD Detective Felicia Richards, emphasised that police remaining objective in their service to the community.

“We take great pride in working with civic leaders, elected officials, and communities from across New York City as we keep it safe. A political endorsement of this magnitude can inhibit our capacity to foster relationships with all stakeholders,” the statement said.

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images


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