Living the Dream: Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman

Living the Dream: Amanda Gorman

The youngest inaugural poet laureate has presidential aspirations and plans to run in 2036.

PUBLISHED ON : FEBRUARY 2, 2021 / 09:00 AM

Written by Nigel Roberts

Amanda Gorman, 22, captured national attention at President Joseph Biden's inauguration when she made history as the youngest inaugural poet. She read her original piece to a global audience titled "The Hill We Climb."

The Harvard graduate who was born and raised in Los Angeles became the city's poet laureate at age 16 and the first national youth poet laureate in 2017. She has a history of using her writing skills as a tool for activism. At her predominantly white private high school, Gorman and her twin sister protested the lack of diversity in their English class' syllabus by writing parodies of Disney songs. 

She also founded One Pen One Page, a nonprofit that uses writing and social justice education to promote youth literacy and leadership. In an interview with the New York Times, Gorman noted that though it is a distant goal in 2036, she intends to run for office to be the United States president. 

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