Blacks are More Social Online Than Other Groups

Blacks are More Social Online Than Other Groups

African-Americans blog and tweet more than other races.

Published March 16, 2011

Despite slightly trailing other races in Internet usage, African-Americans are the most socially active online, leading the other groups in tweeting, blogging and more, according to a new survey released by the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Seventy-one percent of African-American respondents reported using “social networking,” which includes sites like Facebook, compared to only 58 percent of whites. Twenty-five percent of Blacks said they were on Twitter, in comparison to 15 percent of whites and 20 percent of Hispanics. And 22 percent of Black respondents said they blogged, compared to 14 percent of whites and 13 percent of Hispanics.

More and more African-Americans are getting their news from online sources now as well, according to the latest numbers. Of those surveyed, 41 percent of Blacks said that they had gotten their news from online the previous day, just one percentage point behind the white respondents who said the same.

Overall, an estimated 71 percent of Blacks use the Internet now, according a 2010 Pew Internet & American Life survey, which is a few points behind whites (80 percent) and Hispanics (82 percent) but the gap definitely show signs of closing.


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Written by Hortense M. Barber


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