Look: WWE Superstar Big E Wasn't Having It When Fans Criticized Him for Tweeting #BlackExcellence

The New Day

Look: WWE Superstar Big E Wasn't Having It When Fans Criticized Him for Tweeting #BlackExcellence

But the love drowned out all the hate here.

Published December 15, 2016

Pro-wrestling has been dominated by white males headlining events throughout the years with the exception of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

But this marks a special time in World Wrestling Entertainment, which currently counts five African-Americans as champions: Women's champion Sasha Banks, Cruiserweight champion Rich Swann and Tag-Team champions The New Day.

One of those champs, Big E of The New Day (pictured center), commemorated the time by tweeting a shot of all five title holders with the hashtag "#BlackExcellence" earlier this week.

And that's all it took for certain segments of white pro-wrestling fans to lose it, many of which spawned and ran with their own hashtag of "#WhiteExcellence" as a response.

One user even tweeted a shot of WWE champions AJ Styles and Kevin Owens with their belts and the hashtag #WhiteExcellence.

But just as the hate came rolling in, the immense love for the longest-reigning tag-team champions in WWE history drowned it all out, saluting Big E.

The New Day's fans also clapped back at the #WhiteExcellence hashtag.

Big E's teammate, Kofi Kingston, also used TwitLonger to type out an eloquent response to some of the backlash that the "#BlackExcellence" hashtag received.

"While much of the feedback has been positive, there has also been a lot of negative response with regard to the picture we posted illustrating Rich, Sasha, Xavier, E, and myself wielding our championship titles," Kingston wrote. "Perhaps this is because many are in question of the motivation behind the post: It does not come from a place of malice, spite, or gloating. It comes from a place of joy and a place of happiness. We have a very strong sense of pride in being the Black People simultaneously holding championships in WWE. Historically in our nation, there was period in time where this would not have happened, followed by a long period of time where it became possible, but had not actually materialized. Now, we are in the time in which the possibility has become a reality."

He added, "Excellence is not the same as supremacy. #BlackExcellence is not meant to be divisive."

To read Kingston's full response, click below.

Big E certainly appreciated Kofi's words.

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Written by Mark Lelinwalla

(Photo: Elliot / Splash News)


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