People Are Disgusted This Reporter Asked LaVar Ball 'Are You Threatening Me?'

LaVar Ball

People Are Disgusted This Reporter Asked LaVar Ball 'Are You Threatening Me?'

"That's the kind of stuff Black men lose their lives over."

Published May 18, 2017

In a short period of time, LaVar Ball has managed to make headlines for outlandish statements like saying his son, Lonzo, is better than Steph Curry, that he himself could've defeated Michael Jordan back in the day and demanding $1 billion, which he just upped to $3 billion, from sneaker giants to co-brand with his Big Baller Brand. And that's just naming a few of his controversial boasts.

But many people are vigorously defending the outspoken dad for clapping back at reporter Kristine Leahy during an appearance on FS1's The Herd With Colin Cowherd yesterday. The drama unfolded when Leahy asked Mr. Ball how many pairs of Lonzo's ZO2 sneakers has he sold?

“Stay in your lane,” Ball quickly shot back. “I don’t even worry about her over there.”

He proceeded to explain that he took issue with Leahy, who is white, criticizing his parenting skills and inferring that Lonzo is afraid of him.

“I don’t look over there because she scares me," Ball continued. "Leave me alone. I’ll tell you [speaking to the show's host Cowherd]. 400, 500 pairs.”

Cowherd tried to tell Ball that Leahy is a reporter, but the proud dad wasn't having any of it.

“She can report to whoever she wants behind her,” he said. “My problem with [Leahy] is that you are a hater. '[Imitating a high-pitched woman's voice] I would never wear a Big Baller shirt.' Well, good don’t even talk to me.”

When Leahy inquired about BBB appealing towards women, Ball flat out told her that it's not a women's brand. To that, Leahy said, "You don't respect women."

Ball immediately clapped back, saying he does respect women, but "if you act like that, guess what? Something's coming to you."

Without flinching, Leahy asked, "Wait, are you threatening me?"

People weren't feeling her playing the white victim role whatsoever and let her know all about it via Twitter.

  1. LaVar Ball Really Had Time Yesterday

    Mr. Ball wasn't having it in any way, shape or form.

  2. Leahy Quickly Assumed the victim role


  3. Classic Case of White Privilege?

    Seems like #facts to us.

  4. A couple of people offered her this real talk

    True, indeed.

  5. Leahy assumed the victim role quickly

    Despite all of LaVar Ball's outlandish statements, people are supporting him on this.

  6. Charlamagne Tha God had to straighten out one of his followers

    Not on his watch!

  7. And the 'Breakfast Club' Personality and Author was just warming up, going in on Leahy and Defending Mr. Ball

    Talk to 'em.

  8. Leahy Offered this response

    Oh, really?

  9. But people weren't trying to hear her at all

    She earned all of this. Now, hold this L.

Written by BET Staff

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