Kobe Bryant Brutally Reminds Jalen Rose About the Infamous 81-Point Game

Kobe Bryant, Jalen Rose

Kobe Bryant Brutally Reminds Jalen Rose About the Infamous 81-Point Game

And people are loving it.

Published June 5, 2017

January 22, 2006, will always be remembered as the NBA date that Kobe Bryant dropped 81 points in a single game. Only Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points scored during a single game back in 1962 were more.

On the other end of the Black Mamba's scoring greatness was Jalen Rose, who played for the Toronto Raptors at the time and had the unenviable task of trying to defend Bryant on the Los Angeles Lakers for a bulk of that game.

Well, more than 11 years after Kobe turned Jalen and the Raptors into a buffet line, fans still won't let Rose live down the fact that he's permanently attached to the dubious end of Bryant's unreal feat.

So, what did Jalen do about it? The former NBA star turned ABC/ESPN analyst decided to poke fun at himself by talking with Bryant during a spot on his new Jalen vs. Everybody show, which he says will air on ESPN tomorrow night.

During the segment, Jalen approaches Kobe at a restaurant, as the two exchange pleasantries. However, things hilariously take a turn for the worse when a waiter asks Kobe what he wants to drink and the five-time champion replies, "a vodka martini." When the waiter asks how many olives he'd like with it, Bryant thinks deeply before saying, "81."

Oh, the hurt on Jalen's face. And people are loving Kobe burning Jalen in this spot just like they did when he cooked him on the court more than 11 years ago.

Sorry, Jalen, but this one will be synonymous with you for life!

  1. Kobe reminding jalen about the infamous 81-point game is comedic gold

    Gotta love it!

  2. Peep the pain on Jalen's face

    His face says it all.

  3. The Kobe-Jalen exchange called for an instant laugh track

    Real tears over here, too.

  4. The Black Mamba's Savagery is certified

    Zero chill in this spot.

  5. Even When Jalen tried to thank people for spreading the word about his show, people reminded him about the 81 points

    Petty ... and we're loving it.

  6. And just like that, a new hashtag was born


  7. And if that hashtag doesn't stick, this one will

    Truly unforgettable.

Written by BET Staff

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