People Are Ethering Lonzo Ball For Saying 'Nobody Listens To Nas' Anymore

Lonzo Ball, Nas

People Are Ethering Lonzo Ball For Saying 'Nobody Listens To Nas' Anymore

He also said Migos and Future are "real hip-hop."

Published September 1, 2017

Lonzo Ball already turned heads this past July by saying that 21 Savage's Issa album is better than Jay-Z's 4:44 LP.

And now the Los Angeles Lakers' rookie point guard is taking aim at another rap legend.

During the premiere of his Ball in the Family reality show on Facebook yesterday, Lonzo actually said, "Ain't nobody listens to Nas, anymore."

What blasphemy!

He proceeded to say that "real hip-hop is Migos and Future," very much showing his age of 19 years old.

Well, it didn't take long for Twitter to serve up its own dose of ether to Lonzo, destroying him with these reactions to his comments about Nas.

  1. Here's the moment from 'Ball In The Family' When Lonzo Talked About Nas


  2. Twitter collectively felt like ...

    Our sentiments, exactly.

  3. People were with Lonzo throughout, despite the outlandish comments his dad makes, but this changes everything

    You did this to yourself, young Lonzo.

  4. And people are keeping tabs on how many rap legends Lonzo fires shots at

    At this rate, who's next?

  5. That's a millennial for you

    To each their own, we guess.

  6. Upon hearing Lonzo's take on Nas, this guy wants to see the Lakers trade their prized rookie


  7. Another fan hopes that Nas Hits Lozo with 'Ether 2'

    That's not going to happen. But Lonzo could catch a bar or two from God's Son.

  8. It's Ok for Lonzo to prefer Migos and Future over Nas, but to say nobody listens to Esco is like ...

    Whistle Lonzo for a flagrant foul out here.

Written by BET Staff

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