The 'Can You Not' Guy Who Sat Next To LeBron And The Cavs On A NYC Train Gave An Interview That Has Everyone Dying Laughing

LeBron James

The 'Can You Not' Guy Who Sat Next To LeBron And The Cavs On A NYC Train Gave An Interview That Has Everyone Dying Laughing

"I have no idea who LeBron James is because I don't watch football."

Published November 14, 2017

After taking a shot at the New York Knicks for drafting Frank Ntilikina instead of Dennis Smith Jr., LeBron James further trolled the squad by riding on the New York City subway with his fellow Cleveland Cavaliers' teammates ahead of the Cavs-Knicks game last night. He then posted a near triple-double (23 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds) to rally the Cavs to a 104-101 road win at Madison Square Garden.

But as much as Twitter is lit with reaction about his performance and the Cavs' win, it's still buzzing about a strap hanger that King James encountered on the train yesterday.

With his cellphone camera recording the video, LeBron panned around to show a white man sitting next to him, jokingly telling the guy, "I don't know this dude right here, he's tripping," to which the man shot back, "Can you not!?" while using his hand to block out James' camera.

The man later revealed himself as James Michael Angelo, a New York City real estate agent and comedian, as reported by USA TODAY, and became known as the "Can You Not" guy.

The viral moment made for instant hilarity, which was upped a notch when Angelo gave an interview. The combination of his moment with King James and his interview drove Twitter insane with these hilarious reactions.

  1. Pay attention to the man tell LeBron 'can you not!?' on the NYC subway yesterday

    Just @kingjames & the @cavs making the Monday morning NY subway commute. NBD.

    A post shared by UNINTERRUPTED (@uninterrupted) on


  2. The man revealed himself on Twitter to be James Michael Angelo

    The "Can You Not" guy.

  3. He squeezed out his 15 minutes of viral fame by doing an interview, which surfaced online

    Real tears at him saying he has "no idea" who LeBron is because he doesn't watch football.

  4. People died laughing over his interaction with King James

    Too funny!

  5. others called it the 'most new york thing' they've seen

    You just never know what's going to happen on the subway in NYC.

  6. And those priceless reactions and laughs only increased when people caught wind of Angelo's interview

    LeBron needs to make another viral star with each trip to NYC from here on out.

Written by BET Staff

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