Moon Speaks About Battling Blind Fury And The Reason Behind His Facial Tattoos

Moon Speaks About Battling Blind Fury And The Reason Behind His Facial Tattoos

Freestyle Friday finalist Moon talks to about his road to the finals and facing Blind Fury.

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 1, 2011 / 01:20 PM What made you decide to compete on Freestyle Friday?

Moon: Because I feel I have a lot of talent that needs to be seen, and I wanted to show  the kids in my hood that it's more out there than just the street life. What would winning Freestyle Friday’s March Mayhem tournament mean to you?

Moon: It would mean the world to me and my family. I mean, I'm the only guy in my city that's doing something positive right now. A lot of people look up to me. Throughout the tournament, who was your toughest competitor and why?

Moon: I don't have one! They were all easy. But I can say this one coming up is not going to be a walk in the park. What do you think of Blind Fury?

Moon: I think he's a cool dude. A little old to be on "Freestyle Friday" but hey everybody got a dream. I also think he's overrated! I mean, don't get me wrong, the guy could flow but the only reason why people like him is because P. Diddy gassed him up & he can sing. I ain't come to sing! I'm bringing all bars... Now Yaga that! How do you approach battling a female MC vs. a male?

Moon: When you battle a female it's a lot different than battling a male. It makes you feel crazy. When you in the ring with a girl *laughs*. But hey, regardless you have to go hard or go home and I go hard! Have any other rappers reached out to you since you began your run?

Moon: Since I've been on BET? Nope, no. None have reached out to me yet. You're so calm and collected when you hit the stage, and soon as you start spitting it's straight attack. Where does all that aggression come from?

Moon: The aggression comes from my hunger. I'm hungry for this! How do you decide what you are going to wear?

Moon: I decide what I'm going to wear a couple days before the battle. Whatever I look good in I wear. *laughs* Who do you listen to that influences the way you rhyme?

Moon: I like to listen to 2pac, DMX, Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z, Nas, Moon *laughs*, French Montana, Jim Jones, Max B (Free Max B!), Kanye West, Rick Ross, and a lot more artists. The list really goes on. What is tattoo'd on your face and what does it mean?

Moon: The tattoo on my face says "RIP" under my right eye and "Eliza" under my left eye with tear drops on both sides. My grandmother passed away on December 15th of last year. The reason I got it on my face--because when I wake up every morning and wash my face I see it and go ever harder. I miss my granny and wish she was here to see this. What can we expect from Moon in the finals?

Moon: Expect the unexpected from me. That's all! As an MC, what is your ultimate goal?

Moon: Just to make good music. I want the whole world to know my story. Once they know it, they will love me.

Tune in to the Freestyle Friday March Mayhem finals on Friday, April 8th, at 6PM/5C.

Written by BET-Staff


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