'In Contempt' Cast & Info

Erica Ash stars an opinionated attorney whose passion for her job and clients make her arguably the most talented Public Defender in her district.

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"In Contempt"
episode 101 - Erica Ash as Gwen Sullivan.
(Photo: Sven Frenzel/BET)

'In Contempt' Cast & Info

Erica Ash

Gwen Sullivan

Opinionated and rebellious, Gwen is an attorney whose passion for her clients is as admirable as it is annoying.

Richard Lawson

Earl Sullivan

(Photo: Sven Frenzel/BET)

Gwen’s stern and at times condescending father who once was an elite attorney himself.

Megan Hutchings

Tracy Campbell

Tracy's a seductive and cunning Public Defender (PD) who's also Gwen’s valued friend and roommate.

Christian Keyes

Charlie Riggs

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Quick witted and not to be taken too seriously, Charlie's superior talent in the courtroom is only matched by his tall ego. He's Gwen’s soon to become boss and stands in as her friend with benefits.


Vanessa Hastings

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The rookie attorney of the office, whose desire to succeed keeps her tightly wound. She's learning both how to be a lawyer and what it means to be woke in 2018.

Ronnie Rowe, Jr.

A.D.A. (E.J.) DaShay

(Photo: Steve Wilkie/BET)

Gwen’s nemesis on the prosecution team whose cockiness is only matched by his resolve.