Oh No: Find Out Why MAC's New Cosmetics Collection Is Causing an Outrage

Oh No: Find Out Why MAC's New Cosmetics Collection Is Causing an Outrage

Someone at the brand should have thought twice about this.

Published May 7, 2016

MAC Cosmetics, which usually is a leader in diversity, inclusion and cultural sensitivity, made a major misstep with its latest product line.

The company recently released a collection called Vibe Tribe, that was meant to target the festival crowd, but ended up being a perfect example of cultural appropriation at its most blatant. 

Mac fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the collection, which many find offensive towards Native Americans. People are finding not only  the colors and designs distasteful, but the names of products — like "Arrow Head" and "Call Of The Canyon" — as well. 

MAC attempted to defend the collection by releasing a statement. "The collection including the visuals, product lineup, and naming is inspired by art, outdoor music, festivals, and colors of the desert," the statement read. Adding that it "has absolutely no connection to, nor was it inspired by Native American cultures."

Clearly, not many people are buying that excuse, and until MAC decides to do something besides make excuses, people will continue to call the company out on it.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: MAC Cosmetics promotional)


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