Cultural Appropriation

After Years Of Criticism, Awkwafina Finally Addresses Using A 'Blaccent'

The Asian-American actress and comedian also announced she was leaving Twitter.

Rapper Asian Doll Faces Backlash For Hosting ‘Indian-themed’ Party

The Dallas rapper is throwing a 25th birthday party in Atlanta on Dec. 7.

Black Twitter Viciously Drags Justin Bieber's Hair

See the new look that has people in an uproar.

Memorial High Student Who Exposed Classmates' Racist 'Thug Day' Costumes Bullied With Death Threats

The Black students have been forced to face the intolerance.

Texas High School Slammed After White Students Wear Cornrows, Chains And Jerseys For 'Thug Day'

Memorial administrators canceled the rest of spirit week.

Fenty Beauty Apologizes After Facing Controversy Over Rihanna’s 'Geisha Chic Hunny' Highlighter

Fenty Beauty pulled the product before the launch date.

White Woman With Box Braids Accused Of ‘Blackfishing’ On Instagram

When she was called out, Diana doubled down.

White Woman Dragged For Blackfishing Says She Isn't ‘White White’ And ‘Can’t Take Off These Lips’

"You profit off our race while Black women get attacked."

Culturally Clueless! Huffpost Calls Out Curving As 'The Latest Trend'

We've BEEN curving.

"We Apologize": Vogue Responds After Being Dragged For Kendall Jenner's "Afro" Fail

Here we go again with the cultural appropriation!

White Woman Who Got Three Years In Prison For Using Racist Language Showed Up To Court With Cornrows

"She should get extra years for cultural appropriation."