Instagram Comedian Jess Hilarious Does a Nude Shoot With Her Son

Instagram Comedian Jess Hilarious Does a Nude Shoot With Her Son

See the photos that sparked controversy on the 'gram.

Published February 24, 2017

Nude celeb shoots are praised all the time (hellooo Beyoncé’s pregnancy shoot), but what happens when you try to create your own nude shoot with your child? Instagram personality Jess Hilarious tried it when she posted pics from a nude photo shoot she did with her preschooler. In the shots, the mother-son duo are wearing matching Jordans, but not much else. Jess goes completely bare while only a peek of the tot’s shorts are seen.

The comedian’s comments section quickly blew up with people weighing in on whether or not the photoshoot was appropriate. Feelings were mixed, but it did spark an interesting debate on the ‘gram. 

MY LIFE. . . My FUCKIN Rules 😏

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“This is just an odd photograph. It would have been just as cute with her dressed. Yes, we’ve all seen your mothers naked but we don’t have nude family portraits and ya’ll know that,” read one of the less vulgar negative comments.

“This is super cute. Naked or not it doesn’t look sensual or perverse. How people view nudity is interesting,” read more positive feedback.


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Jess however, was seemingly unbothered by all of the opinions and followed up the photos with an image of her lounging on a couch smoking. The caption on the photo read, “M Y L I F E . . . My F**KIN Rules.” Obviously she’s not here for he haters. Bloop.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz


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