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See the Gross Way the Internet Is Fat Shaming Usher's Alleged Herpes Victim

A woman who claims she had "sexual contact" with Usher when she was 19 is now suing the superstar over claims he refused to tell her he had herpes.
Quantasia Sharpton, now 21, claimed at a press conference in New York that Usher Raymond picked her out from a concert and arranged to come to her hotel room where they "engaged in sexual contact," adding: "I never heard from him again."
The young mother says she knows she does not have the STD but after reading reports that the star may have herpes contacted celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom to "find out what my rights are as a woman."
"I would never have consented had I known" he had an STD, she insisted, with Lisa Bloom adding that the star "violated" her rights "by failing to warn her" if he did have herpes, admitting that the claim is based solely on media reports that he does.
"Everyone has the legal right to be respected," she added, suggesting that under law in California refusing to reveal such information "essential transforms consensual sex into non-consensual sex."
Bloom is filing a lawsuit today on behalf of two women and one man, saying that one of the trio now has herpes � and insisted: "Since this news broke many people have reached out to me claiming that they had unprotected sex with Me Raymond since 2012."
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See the Gross Way the Internet Is Fat Shaming Usher's Alleged Herpes Victim

Not that we need to say its wrong, but it's VERY wrong.

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 7, 2017 / 01:48 PM

The revelation that Usher may have exposed several people to herpes is startling news in itself, but that's not what's grabbing everyone's attention today. As you may or may not know, Usher is being sued by several people for not disclosing his diagnosis. At present, two women and a man are suing the R&B legend, which is surprising enough. It didn't take long for the conversation to veer off course, though. Following a press conference delivered today by attorney Lisa Bloom and alleged victim Quantasia Sharpton, discourse quickly shifted from the news itself to something far more shallow: the physical appearance of said victim. 

The internet did not hold back. Although this woman already had to go through the stress of an STI scare, commenters went in, with a lot of people seeming to assume that, due to the alleged victim's appearance, Usher "wouldn't hit," therefore calling the victim a liar. 

Aside from assessing the validity of the victim's claims based on her appearance, others just felt the need to comment on her body in general. 

"Usher" was a trending topic this afternoon, with the peanut gallery that is the world wide web chiming in about "BBWs" left and right. What does this response say about us as a society? Assuming someone is guilty of lying based on their appearance uses the same frame of logic (or lack thereof) that causes adults to think of Black girls as "much less innocent" than white girls. Though the social media justice system may be skeptical, in the actual court of law, your appearance is not cause for a higher burden of proof, and it shouldn't be IRL either. 

This woman already had to endure enough by publicly discussing aspects of her sex life with the entire world. The implication that because of how she looks she must be lying has farther-reaching consequences than meets the eye.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Lee Brown / Splash News)


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