See What Rihanna Said When This MUA Was Caught Destroying Fenty Beauty Products

See What Rihanna Said When This MUA Was Caught Destroying Fenty Beauty Products

Maybe she has a method to her madness?

Published October 16th

While most of us are savoring every pigmented moment we have with our hard-to-come by Fenty Beauty products, this makeup artist is literally slaying the mold (or should we say, shimmer sticks?) — and yes, she's Rihanna approved.

Beauty guru Nickole Hoang, known as "Beauty Killer" and, as of late, the "Fenty Beauty Destroyer," has gained some serious attention with her out-of-the-box makeup tricks.

Take a look at them below and why she did it: 

Why split the MATCH STIX Shimmer Skinsticks ($25) in the middle you ask? "I find I get the most pigmentation from the middle versus the uncut smooth top," she shares on her Instagram post.

What's up with crushing the KILLAWATT Freestyle Highlighter ($34) and lighting up the MATCH STIX Matte Skinstick ($25)?  

"This highlight technique really proves that @fentybeauty Trophy Wife is quality like no other. Hopefully through my experiment you can see how this highlighter glistens like gold sand."

"Heating your cream contour up is actually a great way to get a smoother application," she adds. "Especially when the weather gets colder, super fast and effective. I just happened to light mine up. If you are not comfortable with that, then regular rubbing with your hands will work just fine."

Hmmm, you learn something new everyday. Surprisingly, our girl, Ri Ri even gave her three kiss emojis of approval on her beauty video.

And when Rihanna approves, you know it's that WERK! 

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photos from Left: Nikole Hoang via Instagram, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for DirecTV)


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