The Internet Is Campaigning For This Student To Get A Modeling Contract

The Internet Is Campaigning For This Student To Get A Modeling Contract

The Sudanese beauty is stunning.

Published October 25, 2017

Most people attend HBCU homecomings for a turn-up, but looks like Anok Yai might get a modeling contract out of it. 

A picture of the 19-year-old South Sudanese student (biochemistry major at Plymouth State University) went viral over the weekend when photographer Steve ‘theSUNK’ Hall asked her to strike a post at Howard University's notorious Yardfest. 

Of course, as one does, Steve shared the photo with his 13K followers — and the rest, ladies and gents, was pure Internet magic. See for yourself below: 

Saw her right at the end of Yardfest. Stunning @anokyai #huhc #huhomecoming #theyard #fro #curlyhair #darkskin #sudanese

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“It wasn’t until later that evening that I picked up my phone and found hundreds of Instagram notifications piling in,” Anok told Yahoo! in an interview.

“Before all this happened, I had around 150 followers and was getting about 20 to 30 likes on each photo, and then suddenly, these numbers skyrocketed in a matter of hours.”

Light of my life. Fire of my loins

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Anok’s image has been nearly everywhere since then — and of course, she’s flattered by all the attention.

“I’ve always thought about modeling,” she says. “It’s a dream that I’ve had for a long time, but always pushed to the side because of self-doubt and distractions from school. Now I see this dream as something a lot more attainable.”

Grad night throwback

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The lesson here? Never miss Howard Homecoming. You might become a star! 

Written by Janell M. Hickman

(Photo: Anok via Instagram)


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