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Shame On You! Prada Pulls Its Monkey-Like Key Chain After “Blackface” Backlash

Shame On You! Prada Pulls Its Monkey-Like Key Chain After “Blackface” Backlash

A $550 racist keychain.

PUBLISHED ON : DECEMBER 14, 2018 / 05:40 PM

Another Italian fashion house is in hot water.

Luxury designer Prada recently released a line of wallets and key chains called Pradamalia, that resemble blackface. According to Fast Company, a lawyer from NYC, Chinyere Ezie was walking past the Prada retail store in Soho and noticed the key chains in the window. She took to Facebook and Twitter to express her concern over the degrading imagery, and it went viral. 

The collection features a $550 “Otto-Toto” monkey-like key chain with dark brown skin and large red lips.

Prada released a statement saying, “The Pradamalia are fantasy charms composed of elements of the Prada oeuvre. They are imaginary creatures not intended to have any reference to the real world and certainly not blackface.” Really?? 

See for yourself below. 

We're just wondering who was in the boardroom when these executives decided to launch little blackface monkey key chains with red lips? 

Amid the backlash, Prada has since pulled the items from their stores and website

Even though they have since removed the items, do you think we should boycott Prada?

Drop a line in the comments section below. 

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Vanessa Carvalho/Shutterstock)


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