What’s The Deal With ‘No Nut November’?

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What’s The Deal With ‘No Nut November’?

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PUBLISHED ON : NOVEMBER 10, 2017 / 01:45 PM

If you're wondering why there are a lot of baby showers around July and August, it’s probably because the men survived No Nut November months prior.

Like No Shave November, No Nut November is also a thing for me. The idea behind the original challenge is that men must give up a necessity like shaving, to raise awareness about specific issues that affect mens health. For No Nut November, the challenge is to give up masturbation. Ouch! For obvious reasons, not all men are here for this. 

So the rules are, you can’t masturbate for an entire month, but the loophole is that guys are allowed to engage in sexual intercourse during this period with their girlfriends or wives. Perhaps this is why cuffin season is a major deal during this month. You actually NEED companionship. Just saying.

Another rule is that you get three strikes before you're out. So don’t freak out guys, we know Wednesdays after work can be kind of boring, lonely, and rough — so the makers of this challenge took that into consideration. Use your nut passes wisely. 

So what does this challenge support? Absolutely nothing! 

No-Shave November is to bring awareness to men's issues, one of which is prostate cancer. But masturbating helps reduce the chances of prostate cancer over time. So to have a No Nut November in the same exact month, is kinda ironic, TBH. In my opinion, masturbation for men is the best form of safe and responsible sex. No STDs and no unwanted baby mamas — once again, just saying. 

Written by Maurice Marcel

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