Real Men Reveal How Women Can Get Drafted This Cuffing Season

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Real Men Reveal How Women Can Get Drafted This Cuffing Season

You'll never guess what #11 is.

Published October 17, 2017

Folks, "cuffing season" is finally here!

The season is when you say goodbye to your summer hookups and start to look for the main boo to devote most of your time with. Guys are looking to bag that special lady to hold them down during the colder months (and binge watch Narcos season 3 with). The pressure is on for everyone, but women especially tend to experience high anxiety around around this time.

The good news is cuffing season, like most sports, has phases to help everyone stay on track. According to social media, October is tryouts, which means the clock is ticking, otherwise you'll find yourself "Netflix and chilling" alone. As's resident Men's writer, I wanted to do something to help out the ladies during one of the most stressful times of the year. Here is a guide based on what real single guys believe will help you beat odds and get drafted. Who knows, you could make it all the way to the "Championship Game," a.k.a. Valentine's Day!

  1. She Must Smell Good

    Damon, 29: "She should invest in good fragrances! Like a GOOD scent...something that will attract you to say that girl smells good as hell. During cuffing season, we got to smell her all the time. Pillow, the couch, in your car. I can’t stand stank cheap perfume."

  2. She must have stability

    Shannon, 25: “She needs attention grabbers. Nice bags or something that makes you look at her and say “she isn’t chasing a check.” Sexy and fly. Show stability and that's sexy! Definitely essential when trying to get drafted.”

  3. She must be independent

    JT, 31: “Necessary for a woman have her OWN place and car.” 

  4. She Must Have the 'Rihanna Factor'

    Kevin, 19: “She needs to be interesting enough and cool enough--- something to intrigue you to even want to cuff her. Like she needs to be studying Rihanna’s vibe. To me, good convos are something that set them aside when it’s cuff season.”

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  5. She must be cultured

    Anthony, 34: “Must be able to put me on something that’s cool.  Like she got to be different than me. I am not into art, fashion, and stuff like that. So her putting me on to something new in that realm is a good vibe for me.” 

  6. She Can't Be Basic

    Robert, 23: “Be well-balanced. Not a basic nagging girl, concerned about the wrong sh*t and got nothing going on. So have more going on than your looks.”

  7. She must be open- minded

    Ryan, 25: “Be flexible in life and open-minded. Not rigid. Like I want to say “let’s try sh*t together”. Like, cook together since everyone going out to eat. Ain’t that the point of the season? To be locked up together? Nontraditional dating and staycations. After summer, honestly, people not trying to spend like that anyways.”

  8. She Must Getting Money

    Ian, 35: “Be willing to gift the way she wants to be gifted. For instance, don’t ask me for a $3,000 purse for Christmas and roll in my crib with an Urban Outfitters holiday sale fitted. We want to flex our gifts from our lady on the 'Gram just like they want to flex those purses and shoes.”

  9. She Can't Be Heavy On Social Media

    Julian, 26: “Got to have some type of drive because if I am spending that much time with her, I need her to be someone who can keep me on my game too. Also, give off the vibe of being an actual genuine good person is important. Have the ability to be silly sometimes is key as well. [But] posting too much on social media about every little thing be a deal breaker! If a woman posts 10+ times a day on Facebook, that pretty much ends things right there.”

  10. She Can't Be Loving the Crew

    Ray, 30: “Know, understand, and like sports. If she doesn't, be willing to fake it til you make it. Pay for dates because men need to be wined and dined too. Never participated in crew love. Meaning, she slept with your homeboys, cousins, or neighbor. And most importantly, be able to suck a mean d!” 

  11. She must know how to dig a car out of the snow

    EJ, 28: “These six things: Cook, have NFL Sunday Ticket (DirectTv), be a homebody, drive, not have a roommate, and know how to dig out a car in the snow.”

  12. She Can't Be a DM Thot

    Isaiah, 21: “Learn how to fish properly! She can post a sexy pic and respond to the influx of DM’s! If she sees someone she wants, go after them. We post thirst trap pics from the gym to bait them and respond to the DMs. Why women act like the above it? You posted the pic!”

  13. She must be willing to take care of her man

    Joseph, 20: “Honestly, if she just looking for someone for sake of having one this season, she can provide the necessities at will and at no cost: food, shelter, and sex.  If she can do that, she will be a first-round pick in my book!”

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Jackson Lee/FilmMagic)


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