This Website Wants To Help You Get Divorced Online For The Low-Low

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This Website Wants To Help You Get Divorced Online For The Low-Low

No more pricey attorney fees!

Published January 31, 2018

Divorce is just one of those words that make you shudder. It's unfortunate, but it happens. 

Although, it can be extremely hard to separate from the one you vowed to share the rest of your life with, nothing adds salt to the wounds like the mountains of complicated paperwork that comes with the process. But thanks to It's Over Easy, you may have far less worries.

According to Hollywood Reporter, top-tier attorney Laura Wasser created a way for you to handle your divorce quickly — and online!

"Even though divorce is the end of one part of a relationship and it's sad, the legal part of it shouldn't be difficult," she shared with Hollywood Reporter.

So here's what we know in short: the interactive website helps couples navigate required forms they need to sign using both artificial intelligence and real-life experts and even features video explanations of tricky legal concepts.

It does all that along with saving time. "We never ask you a question twice," shared Wasser. "If you type in your name once, then every form will auto-populate your name."

You also won't have to deal with hefty attorney fees, which can cost upwards of $100/hr. 

Here a briefing of their pricing according to their website (which fluctuates "on top of our platform access fee" because "each state has their own state-specific filing and court fees."):

  • For $750 you can use their "Basic" service, which includes the ability to download your completed family law forms, access to their interactive co-parenting calendar and estimate support payments using their calculators.
  • For $1,500 you can use their "Pro" service, which includes serving the divorce petition to your spouse, filing your forms with the court and a 30-minute phone consultation for one person with a family law consultant.
  • And for $2,500 you can use their "Premium" service, which includes all of the necessary court paperwork for you and your spouse. Plus a 90 minute phone consultation and ongoing email support with a family law consultant.

Honestly, we hope you never need to ever see a divorce paper, but it's good to know where help is available.

While the online service just became available last week, it sounds like something worth looking into if you are going through a divorce. 

Written by BET Staff

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