Zendaya's Being Foot Shamed BUT Is Laughing Along With The Trolls

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Zendaya's Being Foot Shamed BUT Is Laughing Along With The Trolls

"Y’all ain’t bout to do my feet with the water warping."

Published May 18, 2018

Zendaya has become the victim of a heinous crime—foot shaming. Like body-shaming, foot-shaming is when one is criticized for their less than perfect appearance, accept it’s specifically targeted at one’s feet. Other celebs like Kim Kardashian during her clear heels era have been foot-shamed before, and now the former-Disney star’s toes are being attacked.

Zendaya posted a pic of her and her pup, Noon, having some fun in the pool, but fans seemed to be more interested in her warped toes than her pooch. Then folks proceeded to troll her with LOL-worthy memes that even made Zendaya herself crack up.

Since water warping is clearly to blame here, and the memes were all in good fun (we hope!), we had to share our favorite funny Zendaya feet jokes off the internet:

Here’s what Z had to say in response to all the foolery:

And in case she wasn’t up to the task of defending her toes, this fan account certainly is:

Written by BET Staff

(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)


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