See The Brooklyn Mural Of Cardi B As Mona Lisa That's Sparking A HUGE Debate

See The Brooklyn Mural Of Cardi B As Mona Lisa That's Sparking A HUGE Debate

See The Brooklyn Mural Of Cardi B As Mona Lisa That's Sparking A HUGE Debate

The controversial artwork started with a misunderstanding.

PUBLISHED ON : JUNE 5, 2018 / 01:25 PM

Cardi B has a personality that keeps people at the edge of their seats. She is outspoken in many ways, which results in her being refreshing, funny and sometimes very controversial. While her words keep her in the news, this time it was her likeness that has people up in arms.

Recently, a large mural of the "Bodak Yellow" rapper popped up in the Bushwick Brooklyn neighborhood, and the mural is quite breathtaking!

Keep scrolling to see for yourself the "Shmona Lisa" that has us all talking:

While many are admiring the beauty of Cardi as the iconic image of Mona Lisa, we were disturbed to hear the alleged story of the Black artist who reportedly didn't get credit for her work.

According to artist Jessi Jumanji, she didn't get any credit for her digital collage titled "Bardi Lisa," which she designed in April using an original portrait of Cardi by Justice Apple for Rolling Stone.

Her goal with inspirational piece? As a way to "pay homage to this phenomenal woman in light of her album release."

Here's the story according to TeaTENDERS. (Scroll the Instagram post to see the correspondence between Jessi and artist Lexi Bella, accused of not giving her credit.)

As you can see, the mural in the photo above reads Bushwick Collective '18, with no sign of the artist's credit. If you read the communication between the two artists, it was very clear that both artists were in agreement that Lexi would list Jessi's IG so that she gets the recognition that she deserves.

So where's the acknowledgment? We had to find out the details.

According to Lexi, the artist accused of leaving out Jessi's credit, the "completion sparked some misunderstandings." 

In an Instagram post, Lexi pretty much expressed we were looking at a photo of the incomplete mural she named "Shmona Lisa," and now that she's done painting, @jessijumanji is listed on the artwork.

Here is my final @iamcardib #ShmonaLisa @thebushwickcollective *painted free hand with #aerosol inspired by photographer @justiceapple & #LeonardoDavinci #BardiLisa digital concept by @jessijumanji Included if you flip through are progress shots to show process over 2 days last week when I completed this painting & insight into how I created this now controversial piece. I was moved to create this piece to represent how she inspires women all over to live their truth and love themselves and ignore the haters and stay focused - and I loved the idea of working with and creating with another women who was inspired by @iamcardib as well as juxtaposing this with the concept of the Renaissance and perhaps a New Renaissance of Feminism. I began making arrangements to paint it and contacted the initial digital artist in April, as well as communicating with her every step of the way giving her full credit. Clearly my completion sparked some misunderstandings and reflected the desperation of our time where we are all so attacked someone can lashout at the very person or people one should be communicating and cooperating with to stop social injustice, sexism and pirating of artists materials and rights. I will continue to paint about these subjects and esp with anyone who gets this is about love, strength and inspiration to live your truth and create💋 Thanks again to @thebushwickcollective @iamcardib and all the supporters xo

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TBH: We believe an artist deserves his/her credit, so we were happy to hear Jessi got her due credit.

We think Cardi understands that too, which is why she decided to share the post and even tagged Jessi in the caption along with expressing how honored she was:

"Wow i can’t believe this," she expressed in the IG post. "I feel soooo honored. I Hurd this is in Brooklyn! Imma need the location so i can pull up and take a pic!! They gave me lip injections toooaaaooooowwwwww."

We love a happy ending. 

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Robin L Marshall/FilmMagic)


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